We’re experts in Canadian fishing and hunting

What makes planning a Canadian adventure so challenging for anglers and hunters is the incredible array of lodges and outfitters to choose from. And,while the differences may seem subtle between one lodge or outfitter and another…the choices you make largely affect the success of your fishing or hunting trip.

That’s why Fishulo,llc is such a valuable resource – not only are we familiar with the lodges, resorts and the owners, but we are also familiar with the lakes, rivers and hunting grounds and we’d like nothing more than to use our expertise to find the ideal destination for your next adventure!

30-years experience.

Together, Joel Prunty and Pat Hopkins worked over 30 years for a Canadian travel show and now we’re using our expertise in Canada’s PREMIER fishing and hunting lodges to assist anglers and hunters in finding the right adventure. We’ve personally visited over 300 lodges and resorts, and bring you a working knowledge of more than 600 destinations and lakes.

But first, we need to understand your expectations. Using our proprietary matrix, your responses and our knowledge will produce that perfect match.

All of this expertise, not one red cent.

At Fishulo,llc, we’re independent. We’re NOT representatives of any lodge or outfitter. We have no agenda — other than finding the best fishing or hunting destination for your next adventure.  We get paid by the lodge you choose, not by you. In fact, in many cases, with BEST PRICE, you pay less.

Whether “adventure” means a 5-Star lodge or truly roughing it, we know the players and we’ll hook you up with the best people.